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Manickam and Mahalakshmi Got Married within a Week

Manickam visited his homeland in India for a vacation and returned to Belgium as a married man after two weeks. I was in complete awe when he started our conversation with this. Curious to know how this happened, I ask Manickam about the same, to which he says, “I met Mahalakshmi at a temple and got married to her within a week.

It all started with a request from her when I was in Belgium. We both got talking and she expressed a liking for me. But, I was clear about one thing. Even though I was fond of her too, I wanted to make a decision only after meeting her in person,

and she felt the same too. We liked each other but we wanted to see how it is when we are together. But we stayed in constant touch through calls and chats because of which we got to know a lot about each other.” Manickam and Mahalakshimi met at a temple when he came to India. “The minute I saw her, I was awestruck by her beauty. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I confessed my liking to her instantly. I had found my soul mate,” he says with a smile. Mahalakshmi adds, “He gave me so many surprise gifts and I just loved it.” When I ask what the gifts were, she says, “It was my birthday around that time, but as we know each other only for some time I didn’t expect anything from him. He bought presents from Belgium.” Manickam adds, “I knew that her birthday is coming up and I wanted to make it special for her. I gave her a ring with a ruby stone.” How did she react? I ask. “She was completely awestruck when she saw the ring. I even bought a bag for her from her favourite brand and her happiness knew no boundaries.”

Listening to this, my inquisitiveness about their relationship increased and I ask her about their marriage, to which she says, “I freaked out when he asked me to marry him within a week. Even though I was a bit confused at the beginning, I knew he was the one I want to spend the rest of my life with and so agreed for the marriage right away.” What’s there to wait for when you have got the perfect partner, right? “We soon exchanged garlands and registered our marriage. Within a couple of days, he flew to Belgium. When he came back after two months, we got married again with all the rituals. This time we had everything, pre-wedding party, marriage customs and post wedding shoot,” says Mahalakshmi. He added, “We also danced together on our wedding day, which is an unforgettable memory for both of us. It felt like a festival,” he smiles.

Coming to the end of the story, I ask Manickam about their long distance relationship to which he says, “We both miss each other a lot. We are always connected through video calls and chats, but I really miss her presence. My day starts with her Good Morning and ends with her Good Night. She will soon be with me and I can’t wait for the day we start living together,” he concludes with a smile.

Wishing this lovely couple to cherish every moments!

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