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Mumbaikars Find Love through TamilMatrimony

People are emotionally connected to their language and culture. In order to treasure it, a soul seeks another soul that carries the same belief system and values. Vivek and Parameshwari belong to Tamil Nadu but were put up in Mumbai.

I ask Vivek the expectations he had for a life partner, and he says, "I was very particular about finding someone with whom my horoscope matches and I wanted a Tamilian living in Mumbai. TamilMatrimony made this such an easy task and I found a match according to my expectations, and that was Parameshwari. I met her for the first time at her home and you won’t believe but we got

married the next month." Parameshwari speaks to me about her wedding preparations, "We barely had a month to prepare for the wedding but we both were so excited about it that with the help of our family and friends we made all the arrangements."

When I ask about how the newlyweds spend their weekends, they say that they have been quite busy moving to a new house but soon plan to settle things down and finally spend some quality time together. Talking about their honeymoon, Parameshwari says, “It was a three-day trip to Matheran. This trip has been a start off to our relationship as we really bonded well and got to know each other better."

I put forth a question to Vivek to describe his wife for which he responds, "I adore her nature. She is transparent and straightforward about everything, which is quite tough to be but she is that way and I really appreciate that about her. I can guess what she feels by just seeing her face." The two have been in love ever since they tied the knot but just don’t seem to feel that the time they spend with each other is enough.

Coming to the end of the conversation, I ask Parameshwari as to how her life has changed after marriage, and she says, "I don’t find much difference in my life. In fact, my husband pampers me a lot. I feel really lucky to have him in my life. I have someone whom I can rely on and share everything. He takes so much care of me."

Wishing this couple a happily ever after!

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