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Lakshman Finds His Equal on BharatMatrimony

“Finding the perfect life partner is difficult but BharatMatrimony made it very easy for me,” says Lakshman when I ask him about how he found the love of his life. He adds, “Like many others, I wanted to marry someone I love. I wanted an equal partner. A girl whom I can share a beautiful married life with and I was sure that I will find my right match on BharatMatrimony, and so did I.”

Usually we see super heroes in movies and dramas, but Lakshman says he has one in his life. When I ask him to describe his wife, he says, “Not only fighting against evil or saving the world is a super hero, the one who takes care of the family,

profession, kids, and husband, is also a super hero. I don’t know how but my wife does all of this so well. I know she puts in a lot of efforts into all this and tries to make everyone happy. My wife is my super hero!”

The couple is blessed with a beautiful daughter so I wasn’t able to have a conversation with the pretty lady Archana, and so Lakshman fills the gaps.

When I ask him about some of his best memories with her, he responds, “Long walks with her. After a stressful day at work, we both go for a walk together and speak our hearts out. That feeling is so lovely. It is like a therapy session. It is so nice to know that there is always someone to hear you out and take your stress away. Not only does she listen to me, but also gives me a solution to the problem. I just love it when she does that. I feel so good that someone is always there for me.”

Lakshman boasts about how talented his wife is, “She is very creative. She makes lovely handicraft items. For father’s day, my daughter and my wife surprised me with cute handicrafts which Archana made and I was so overwhelmed on seeing it. I even told her to start up a business in this but she wants some time before that. I know for sure that she will do very well in this. She also does good embroidery work. She has so many talents.”

Lakshman talks about one of his most embarrassing moments during his reception, “Usually when we meet I will always be on time and she always comes very late. I even used to scold her because I like to be on time. During our wedding reception the exact opposite happened. She was early for the reception and I was very late. I was feeling so bad that she had to wait for me.”

Lakshman encourages her talent and is fully supportive of her profession. Isn’t this a real equal relationship?

Wishing the couple a wonderful journey ahead!

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