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It was like a love marriage: Ishwarya

In conversation with Arun and Ishwarya, for whom it was like a love marriage. Read their cute love story.

Love bloomed through WhatsApp

Ishwarya recalls the day when she first saw her husband's profile on BharatMatrimony. She tells me, "My sister registered my profile on the site and showed me Arun's profile. When I went through, I really liked it because he was very frank about himself and what he is looking for." Arun adds on, "Technically, our first meet was when I went to her hometown, Kumbakonam to meet her and her family but the actual meeting happened in a mall in Chennai."

I was astounded to hear how they communicated before meeting in Chennai. "We talked to each other through WhatsApp. The first message that I sent was a ‘hi’ which was a handwritten note and I put it as my status. I even gave her gifts through WhatsApp status. This is how we contacted each other." Ishwarya remembers the exact date when they started their WhatsApp romance, "It was the 30th of August when he messaged me through the status. I also took out photos from google and kept them as my status." And gradually the status turned into messages and after a week of messaging, it turned into phone call. "It is only after a week that I got to hear her voice".

Wedding in Kumbakonam Style

Arun sounds really calm, yet is excited to tell me how different his wedding was, "My hometown is Madurai and our wedding customs and rituals are completely different from Ishwarya's. Since the wedding happened in Kumbakonam, I got to see many different rituals and customs."

Ishwarya also recalls her special day and says, "We did have a grand wedding and we also had many games. He actually had not expected the ceremony to be such a grand affair", she grins.

Valentine's Day made special

Arun opens up to share his most romantic Valentine's Day with his lovely wife. "I wanted to take her out for a candle light dinner but then organized it myself at home. I also bought her a couple of gifts and had a treasure hunt organized. So when she entered the house, I knelt down and gave her a rose. Her reaction was priceless. I took a video of her during the game to record her reaction."

I ask Ishwarya if she had any special gifts for Arun and she says, "On our 50th day after marriage, I gifted him a silver chain".

How we spend our 'we' time

When I ask the working couple how they juggle work life and personal life, Arun tells me, "After we get back home, we go for a walk and sit for a long chat without any disturbance at least for an hour or two. I even take up the kitchen responsibility twice a week."

Before I could ask him any further, he says, "I am sure she loves me more than I do." I tell Ishwarya about her husband's confession and she tells me, "I would say the other way. He loves me more than I do." Can they be any more adorable?

"I am more of a reserved person but he is a crazy, fun loving person. I have changed my ways and I have become a crazy person as well, for him."

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