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An Unforgettable Trip to Paris

When you are in a long distance relationship you crave for your partner’s presence. Likewise, Iswarya’s heart ached to meet Vinoth but work forced him to delay their meeting. “We were in a long distance relationship before our marriage. Even though we were constantly in touch through calls and messages, I missed having him around. Once I went for a movie with my friends and he calls me out of the blue and tells me to come out of the theatre and guess what, I find him standing there right in front of me. He was there, outside the theatre. I was astonished to see him. It was just the previous night that I fought with him about not

being able to meet and the next day he surprises me with such a visit. It is the best thing someone has done for me,” she says with a smile. Vinoth laughs and adds, “I had already decided to surprise her but before that I wanted to annoy her a bit. When I showed up, her eyes widened with amazement which was so cute.” Isn’t it great when your loved one irritates you and out of nowhere throws you a surprise?

When I ask Vinoth about their first meeting he says, “I met Iswarya at her home. I was a bit nervous but also curious to know her. When we started talking, she mainly spoke about traveling as she loves it.” This made me pop a question about their travel experience, to which the lovely couple shares memories from their honeymoon. Recalling his trip Vinoth says, “We were really excited because it was our first trip abroad. We spent nearly ten days in Paris and Switzerland. The most beautiful place we visited is Interlaken, in Swiss. The travel turned a bit adventurous as that was our first experience in a tram and the whole place was covered with snow. We both got crazy and started playing like kids in the snow. The evenings were blissful when we sat on our balcony admiring the serenity of the Alps. It is one unforgettable trip of our lives.”

I then put forth a question about their wedding shopping, to which Iswarya says, “I came to Chennai with my family for our wedding purchase where he lives. Both our families shopped together and it took almost five days to complete the shopping. Vinoth and I had so much fun during the shopping. He selected everything for me, starting from the dress to the jewelry. All our days ended with a big family dinner. Those five days helped me understand his likes and dislikes and also made our bond stronger.”

When I ask Iswarya to tell something about her husband, she says, “He is the most responsible and sensible person. I like the way he treats me and how much he loves and cares for me. I couldn’t have asked for better,” concluding the conversation.

Wishing the couple a lifetime of happiness and surprises!

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